We can help you manage the unknown

Pedagogo is a limited company whose purpose is to provide an optimal level of service and support to all of its existing and new customers. Pegagogo provides a portfolio of people services.  This includes recruitment, consultancy, interim and permanent staffing or a complete managed service offer and training.  Work with us and we will provide a solution that works for you.

About Us

Pedagogo is a people solutions company that supports businesses irrespective of size and location to access the right people in the right way at the right time. The global pandemic together, with the UK’s departure from the European Union necessitate a fresh approach as to how organisations recruit people into their business.


Pedagogo provides opportunities for businesses to explore new options in the deployment of people where previous sustainable long term solutions are no longer fit for purpose.


Pegagogo’s response is to provide a range of purchase service solutions enabling businesses to operate within a managed risk environment. Our packages on offer are aimed at supporting business growth. We have developed a solution that utilises and employs the right skills at the right time and in the right place for your business to grow and prosper.  Nothing is more certain in these uncertain times than ensuring you have the right people skills at your fingertips and the flexibility to respond quickly in a constantly changing trading environment.

Talent Management

We work with businesses to support their talent management strategy through reviewing their current workforce and the organisation’s capability to determine future workforce needs. 


Pedagogo recognises that businesses are facing a huge challenge in securing trained people. Our bespoke training packages ensure that our staff solution provides occupationally competent individuals to step up to the challenges arising from Brexit, the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.

Supply of Services

Whatever the size and duration of your people solutions challenge, Pedagogo can manage every aspect from concept to delivery and post-project review.  We can provide a full range of services, that reflect the diverse activities across the global space that organisations operate in.


We can help support you and your business to deliver the highest quality HR support services.  Helping to add value to your business with a highly qualified team of consultants, we are confident we are the perfect match to enable you to develop and deliver an agile talent management and growth strategy