Complete Managed Service Solution

A complete managed services option involves securing staff to enable you to outsource recruitment, while you handle quality and productivity. This model allows your business to quickly scale up with minimum risk.
The main benefits include:

  • A full-time, dedicated team appointed to work within your business

  • A dedicated candidate selection process enabling you to hire individuals capable of meeting your business needs.

  • Full control over your team’s processes, tasks, KPIs and service quality

  • A specialist partner on the ground who understands and who has experience recruiting and setting up teams, and providing ongoing support

Pedagogo understands the employee lifecycle and has created a Managed Service Model which enables our clients to align their overall workforce strategies with their business strategies. Our complete managed services option enables clients to assign all, or part of their HR function to a professional outsourced partner to reduce fixed labour costs, whilst preserving the skills of a permanent and multi-skilled workforce.
We offer variable labour costs that are designed to continually support and complement the growth and long term prosperity of a permanent, fixed workforce that offers total flexibility. We offer a flexible solution that can be tailored to suit client demands, operations and achieving customer demands. A key benefit of the complete managed service solution is being able to retain a skilled workforce without the overheads of sustaining a permanent employee.
Pedagogo takes ownership of the HR obligations and goes that extra mile to not only sustain performance levels, but to exceed them. We aim to provide a value solution that demonstrates a return on investment.


We have the capability to:

  • Re-focus the time spent on essential but time-consuming HR tasks

  • Drive employee engagement and in turn boost productivity

  • Provide control and reduce HR administration costs

  • Manage and maintain policies & procedures

  • Comply with Employment Legislation

  • Ensure personnel related information is maintained

  • Provide training solutions which complement a multi-skilled workforce.