Support with Imports and Exports

Pedagogo has created an international trade intermediary service that provides businesses with access to a comprehensive business solution to overcome the difficulties of accessing their established and new trading markets following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Pedagogo recognises that many businesses who have traditionally traded with members of the European Union are facing increasing difficulties in exporting goods to established and new customers, resulting in loss of business and an increasing risk of insolvency. 

The COVID 19 pandemic, the timing of the final agreement between the UK and the European Union and the capacity issues in respect of the availability of staff with the knowledge to process the customs documentation arising from the UK’s departure from the Union has created a perfect storm for businesses looking to import and export from January 2021. 

International Trade Agency

Pedagogo recognises that some businesses are seeking grow in house expertise to address their import and export issues. Pedagogo’s recruitment and staff agency provides international trade assistant trained to complete the import and export documentation relevant to the goods being traded by the organisation. The agency can provide in-house temporary or permanent staff and will make available the relevant financial initiatives available through the Building Back a Better Britain Government Campaign.

How would this in work in practice?

The agency is available to all businesses irrespective of size i.e. SME, micros and large businesses based in England, Scotland and Wales. A decision to extend this beyond the three nations will be taken at the end of 2021 and will be dependent on the outcome of the current EU and UK Irish Border operating rules.


We have launched an agency that provides businesses using a purchased service option which is designed to meet the individual needs of employers.


Prior to commencement of the placement individuals will receive a 30 hour comprehensive training programme from Pedagogo that will enable them to be able to administer customs documentation for import and or export. The training programme will include focusing on the products that are being exported or imported by the member. Employers will be able to decide whether they wish the individual to manage all customs documentation or to provide the necessary information to a third-party customs agency.

Four simple steps to success:


Pedagogo will work with your business to provide a purchased service solution that best meets your needs.


Pedagogo will act as a recruitment agency to ensure you get the right calibre of staff to meet your organisation’s need.


Pedagogo will provide the service for you.


The cost of service will be negotiated with the business and will be dependent on the bespoke solution secured.

If you are interested in securing an international trade assistant to support your import/ export needs please go complete the form below.

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