Talent Management

At Pedagogo we seek to attract, identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy individuals who are considered particularly valuable to a logistics organisation. We want to ensure individuals align with business goals and strategic objectives. Our managing talent strategy, assists logistics organisations to build a high-performance workplace, adding value to their brand, and improving diversity management.

We work with logistics organisations to support their talent management strategy through reviewing the current workforce and the organisation’s capability to determine future workforce needs.  Our services assist a logistics organisation to build talent pools, succession plan, performance manage, create career pathways, building leadership capacity and improve employee retention.

We match candidates that meet your organisational values and vision. A values-based approach to recruitment and retention involves taking account of your strong workplace values and ensuring that the recommended candidates match them. By adopting this approach, we can reduce time and minimise wasted resources in recruiting the wrong people. Employers adopt this approach because its lower recruitment costs, provides a positive return on investment, reduces staff turnover and results in better staff performance.

Recruiting people for their values and behaviours helps you attract people who know what it means to provide high levels of customer service, have an eye to detail, recognise the importance of right first time and can communicate effectively and, who are therefore more likely to stay with you.

When building your solution, we recognise it is important to ensure candidates have the behaviours and values, you are looking for.

Values based Recruitment

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